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Media Appearance
Areas of Expertise
 Eileen Silva, Ph.D., N.D.

Media Appearances

Eileen's expert advice has led her to be featured in a monthly magazine column, and radio and television programs across the US including Money magazine, Complete Woman, and First News.

Below is a list of additional media coverage that Dr. Silva has been featured in. Or click here for publicity photos.

Radio Interviews

Has been interviewed by hundreds of talk shows including recently the following interviews:

  • My Mix 1041
  • Health Radio interview
  • "Lady in the Red Pants" Interview - Obesity Awareness Blitz
  • Lady in the Red Pants Interview 1 - Aug. 29
  • "Insight" on WDLB in Marshfield, WI with Ryan Lindsey appearing as a regular monthly guest
  • WBZ in Boston, MA with Jordan Rich
  • Andy Sherman Radio Syndication
  • KGOE in North California with Frankie Boyer
  • WBIG in Aurora, IL with Paul Morgan
  • KEX in Portland, Oregon with Paul Linmann
  • "Tom Pope Show" Nationally Syndicated
  • KGNO in Dodge City, Kansas with Keith Tallent
  • WILO in Frankfurt, IN with Randy Lawsen and Vern Kasper
  • WICH in Norwich, CT with Chris Dillion
  • WFRL in Freeport, IL with Jeff Allen
  • WJON in St. Cloud, MN with Kelli Gorr
  • KATE in Albert Lea, MN with Steve Oman
  • WPDR in Portage, WI with Susan Gamble

Television Interviews

  • Doctor to Doctor, Trinity Broadcast Network, Dallas, TX
  • "Around Arlington" 30-minute feature interview on television in Dallas, TX
  • Carol Nelson's TV Show, Orlando
  • Dr. Alvenia Fulton's show Chicago
  • Good Morning Jackson
  • Channel 8 News Savannah
  • Channel 5 News Savannah

Magazine and Newspaper Appearances

  • Feature interview. Southlake Journal.
  • "To Staff Up or Not to Staff Up." Feature in Cutting Edge Opportunities.
  • "Are You Home-based or Home Bound?" Home Business Connection.
  • Upcoming interview. First Magazine.
  • Feature interview. Get Up & Go.
  • "Achieving the Perfect Balance." Southlake Journal, December 1998.
  • "Authors offer simple messages to simplify life." Team Leader, September 1997.
  • "Fat Chance: author shares the skinny." Press Journal, August 1996.


Public Appearances

  • The News on 6 KOTV Women's Show Home
    Design Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Speaker Topics
  • Body Fitness Profile Questionnaire  What answering some simple questions can tell you about yourself.

  • Can You Correct Your Metabolism?  A 10 day metabolic reset can change your life!
  • Clues to Improve Your Health Learn to listen to what your body is telling you! 
  • Reverse Aging Through pH Balancing and Oxygenation  How to know your pH and put it to work reversing your age!
  • 10 Days to a New You  You can correct 5 manor body chemistry issues in 10 days and watch the weight melt off your body!
  • Become a Lean Mean Machine How to end the dreaded weight-loss plateau
  • Becoming Forever Slim  Permanently change your looks and your lifestyle in 30 days.
  • Becoming Ultra Fit  Look younger and feel fantastic at any age
  • Change of Life Concerns  What is a woman to do when menopause hits?
  • Chronic Pain  How to alleviate or even eliminate body aches and pains.
  • Life and Death Begin in the Colon  Why fatigue, weight gain, belly fat and many diseases may be linked to imbalances in the colon/digestive tract.

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