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Special Report on Acne


By: Eileen Silva, Ph.D., N.D. Metabolic
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Ask Any Teenager: Zits Can Ruin Your Life.

While we all know that their appearance isn't going to be fatal, it certainly seems like it might be to a typical 16 year old on prom night---or at any scheduled appearance with a group of peers.

But acne, both adolescent and adult on-set, is just one of several common skin flares that are troublesome. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it often reflects toxicity and imbalances that are present in organs or tissues. The origin of the skin flare-ups could be virtually anywhere.

Alternative Approaches

Unfortunately, years ago, before the continuous long term effect of using antibiotics indiscriminately was uncovered, many people thought their only recourse to combat acne was to stay on an antibiotic regimen. Such a regimen has tended to impair the immune system rather significantly. As an alternative, implementing the possibilities in this special report is basically a risk-free approach.

A Surprising Approach

Dr. Frederick Burton of Philadelphia, who has worked with many immune dysregulation patients, was one of the first medical practitioners to point out the connection between acne and internal body systems. Years ago, he told me an amazing thing: "I always de-worm them (the patients), and I see a clearing of acne in almost no time."

Dietary Approach

Actually, if you will drink 8 or more glasses of pure water a day, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, while addressing some liver/digestive system cleansing, you will probably notice more energy and better body functions, not to mention a more glowing complexion in less than two weeks.

Eating a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals --- particularly zinc --- can also help you play a vital role in setting the stage for healthy skin. Be sure to include generous amounts of fiber on a daily basis.

Liver Toxicity

The liver/circulatory system and the digestive/colon systems are very cross-contaminating. In the early 90's, a weight loss franchise owner remarked to me that not only did liver cleansing greatly enhance the results she was getting with her clients, but it also resulted in BEAUTIFUL skin! The liver is very porous and tends to accumulate a great deal of toxicity which then interferes with its efficiency and slows down your body's natural cleansing processes. When the liver gets properly flushed, all system cleansing seems to be more effective.

Natural Approach

Liver toxicity often results in various skin flares --- acne, itching, rashes, etc. --- and it usually results in fatigue that can quickly be turned around in just a few days. Cleansing the liver,aids your body in better fat metabolism, immune response, energy and youthful appearance.

We all know that keeping your skin clean is very important, but did you know that water actually has other benefits in your fight against acne?

Bathing several times a week, preferably with detoxing bath crystals and using a loofa scrub to help you remove those old dead outer layers, allows newer, more healthy, vibrant skin layers to breathe.

It is also helpful to use a sauna several times a week to help toxins emerge to your skin's surface.

In addition, swimming in chlorinated water tends to help clear up some people's complexions.

You too can discover that there is life after dieting.

For more detailed information and our recommendations for all-natural, botanical help in kicking back into a weight loss mode, contact our office for a customized report to obtain even faster results.


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